If you are interested in finding out more about me and how all this got started, then you're in the right spot. Below is a peak into some highlights about me. You'll learn even more if you watch my stream.








A doggo named Zelda

Favorite Video Game:

Final Fantasy VI

Favourite Anime:

Rurouni Kenshin

Stay a while and listen...

My real name is Taline and I'm an Armenian girl living in on an island in Canada. I've been playing games since I was a little girl, when my brother first got an Atari and my eyes lit up with excitement. I had no idea at the time gaming would end up being my passion and career, but I am so glad that it did. I started streaming on Twitch a little over 2 years ago and have been partnered since January 2017. I've been part of various stream teams such as Denial, Tempo Storm, and now Meta Threads. Being part of these stream teams has helped me grow significantly in a short amount of time. I'm really proud of the community that I have built and my loyal followers that are now my Yunafam. I am also featured on the Blizzard Launcher for Heroes of the Storm.

While I primarily stream Heroes of the Storm, Final Fantasy was my first love in gaming. From the music, to the artwork, and engaging stories, Final Fantasy is a huge part of my life. I even have a tattoo of Terra Branford from Final Fantasy VI on my back. My love for Final Fantasy extends past just playing the games though. I have one of the largest Final Fantasy collections of memorabilia in the world. Recently, Square Enix invited me to their offices in Los Angels to help them unveil a limited edition, 30th anniversary Leather Moogle plush. This was really a dream come true.

There is more to me than just streaming, Heroes of the Storm, and Final Fantasy though. I am an avid Scotch drinker and collector. I try to get rare and unique bottles of Scotch wherever I go. I love Anime and Sailor Moon. My Sailor Moon collection rivals my Final Fantasy one! My favorite music is EDM, but I also love music from the 90s. I am constantly discovering new music that I play on stream. Some of my other favorite things include Game of Thrones, WWE, building computers, Rocky, Japanese Culture, retro gaming, fishing, and much more. I talk about all of this stuff on my stream, so if you stop by, I am sure you'll quickly learn about my favorite interests.

All of these things are just the beginning. I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about me and you stop by the stream to find out more. I love meeting new people and having a positive influence on their life. Knowing that I help make others happy, truly brings me so much joy in my life. I do my best to give back and support my community as much as possible. It's because of my community that I am able to do what I do. Streaming means the world to me and so does the Yunafam.. Each one of you makes me smile.