Being a subscriber has its perks. Not only does it support me, but you get access to a range of subscriber exclusive benefits.

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Benefits of being part of the Yunafam!

Subscriber only discord server

Become more involved in the Yunafam community by joining the subscriber only discord server. Chat with and get to know other members of the Yunafam as well as myself when I’m online.

Discord Logo

First, Link your Discord account with Twitch by going into Discord Settings -> Connections -> Twitch.

Once your accounts are linked, Yuna's stream will show up in your list of subscriber streamers. Click "Join Server" to jump into my Discord!

Access to personal snapchat

Snapchat is where I regularly post my day-to-day activities. If you want to see what else is going on in my life outside of streaming, you won't want to miss this. I also post a lot of pictures and videos of my dog Zelda. You won't be disappointed!

Emotes Yunaleska Emote & Twitch Chat Privileges

Subscribers get access to exclusive emotes that can be used in my channel, or anywhere on Twitch. Emotes are a fun way to get involved and be part of the Yunafam both in my chat and other streams you watch.

  • taliHi Emote
  • taliFail Emote
  • taliCry Emote
  • taliFork Emote
  • taliGasm Emote
  • taliHype Emote
  • taliLove Emote
  • taliOh Emote
  • taliPineapple Emote
  • taliRage Emote
  • taliRip Emote
  • taliSmash Emote
  • taliSuckit Emote
  • taliSwoon Emote
  • taliWut Emote
  • taliZelda Emote

Priority for viewer games

On viewer game names, subscribers get priority to join me in games when building out teams.

6 month subscriber special!

Personalized postcard, stickers, and a Polaroid.

To show how much I appreciate your support and loyalty, anyone who has subscribed for 6 months consecutively will receive a personal parcel directly from me. Parcels typically include a postcard, Yunalescka stickers, and a unique Polaroid picture of me.

Polaroid Reward polaroid
Stickers Reward stickers
Postcards Reward Postcard